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As we used in this Terms of Service, Words “We” (or) “Our” (or) “Us” (or) “Organization” shall mean the “ScienTechS” and/or “STS”. “Platform” shall mean the “" and/or "Website". Any references to “You” (or) “Your” (or) “User” (or) “Client” (or) “Customer” (or) “Individual” shall mean any "Person" (or) "Entity" using our Platform.
There is no restriction on visiting our platforms but for downloading the content, you must check the policies of respective platforms. It is solely prohibited that reusing of our content available at individual portals and exceptional cases, it might be allowed according to the regulations of local governments and/or internationally recognized bodies and/or any other recognized body after getting prior permission(s) from the ScienTechS.
Each platform of ScienTechS has its own policies, therefore, for individual policies / information, please visit respective platform.


You can access any of our websites without any restrictions but in case of downloading / reusing of our content, you must get the permission from ScienTechS. Some of our platforms will allow you to download and cite the published content available on those respective platforms, in this case, you no need to take any permission from the ScienTechS.
Each platforms of ScienTechS has its own policies, therefore, for individual policies / information, please visit our individual platforms.


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ScienTechS will not be responsible for the loss caused due to the external links available on this platform as well as on its associated platforms.
Note: We request and recommend all the users / individuals of ScienTechS, frequently check the latest updates / amendments in the Terms of Service.