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ScienTechS is seeking for the betterments in education, publishing and scientific sectors. For this, we are accepting the collaboration requests from the various organizations, educational institutions, etc.

How to apply?

Send your request via Email i.e. collabor[email protected] for the collaboration with the ScienTechS.

What should we furnish the information in order to collaborate with the ScienTechS?

The below information is necessary.
• Name of the Organization / Company / Educational Institute / Any Other.
• Address.
• Website URL, if any.
• Contact person name, Designation, Phone number, Whatsapp Number, and Email.
After receiving the request, within 48 hours, our executive officer will reach you for further discussion.

Should we pay for taking the collaboration?

No. You no need to pay for anything. Already we told you that this is the organization for betterment of education, publishing and scientific sectors with our products. If you would like to use our products, then you have to pay nominal charges.

What are the benefits after taking the collaboration with the ScienTechS?

• You will become an official collaborator of the ScienTechS.
• You can use our brand logo on your platform / website, wherever applicable.
• You can start providing the service (Our Services) on behalf of the ScienTechS.
• You can actively participate in our Executive Council meetings.
• You can actively participate in optimizing the existing products / services.
• You can request us to develop a new product / project by considering your ideology. In this case, you will be designated as a project manager of that project as well as we will afford the development of that project.

If I need more information which is not specified above, what should I do?

You can reach us via Email i.e. [email protected].

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