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ScienTechS is a globally recognized organization which is providing various services across the globe.The main motto of this organization is to bring best ideology to one place and materialize those ideologies whenever necessary. After considering the suggestions and ideas from various eminent educationists, we have developed various platforms / projects to meet the current needs in education, scientific and publishing sectors. This is the continuous process of developing or optimizing various projects / platforms as per the current needs.

What We Have Developed?

Currently we have developed following projects / platforms.

RePoSiTo: This is the world’s first dynamic platform for the digital reposition of the data.
Targeting Areas: Publishers (journals, books, etc), libraries, etc.

ABCDiv: This is the modern digital identifier platform. It will provide the specificidentifiersto journal papers, books, book chapters, and conference papers / abstracts.
Targeting Areas: Publishers (journals, books, etc), and conferences.

RMetaHub: We can get metadata of most of the published papers (articles, books, book chapters, conference papers, reports, etc) along with the PDFs.
Targeting Areas: Educational Institutes (Universities and colleges).

eBooks Hub: All the academicians can publish their books and book chapters on this platform. It will publish open access books / book chapters only.
Targeting Areas: Academics (all the subjects) but not non-academics.

eProfilePedia: We can manage our bio-data on this platform and design however you would like to have. You can initiate discussion forum on this platformwith your students etc. Students can also clarify their queries on this platform. Here are many more features are in pipeline.
Targeting Areas: Anyone can use this platform.

Who Am I? Directory: You can list your profile in our directory. If your profile gets listed in our directory, then are eligible to get verified tick on eProfilPedia Account.
Targeting Areas: Anyone can submit their profiles to include in our directory but the selection will be based on their profile (Achievements, etc).

VR System: All the records (certificates, etc) can be verified on this platform.Registrations relating to the events can be allowed on this platform. We would like to manage every activity in more transparent manner.
Targeting Areas: This is for the registrations and verification of records. So whoever using our platforms can check their records (certificates, etc) on this platform.

Conferencopedia: You can manage your scientific events on this platform.
Targeting Areas: Educational institutions, event organizers, etc.

Journal Management System You can manage your journals on this platform.
Targeting Areas: Publishers, etc.

Book Publishing Management System You can manage your book publishing house on this platform.
Targeting Areas: Publishers, etc.

In addition to the above products, there are few more projects in pipeline.

Are you interested to participate in development / optimizing our projects?
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